Now-open Idea Vault invites TROY community to unlock ideas with new podcast studio

The Idea Vault Podcast Studio allows the TROY community to record their own professional audio and turn their podcasting dreams into a reality.

The Idea Vault Podcast Studio allows the TROY community to record their own professional audio and turn their podcasting dreams into a reality.

Troy University students, faculty and staff are invited to “unlock their ideas” in the IDEA Bank’s now-open Idea Vault Podcast Studio.

Officially opened during a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday evening, the Idea Vault studio serves as a resource for the University community interested in launching their own podcast or recording professional audio. 

Housed in the IDEA Bank’s iconic vault, Director Lynne George said she’d been brainstorming on how to use the space. 

“When people come in, they always like to go in and check the vault out, but we needed to use it for something. I wanted to make it functional,” she said. “We’re always consulting and doing workshops and providing education, but I really want the IDEA Bank to be a place where people can come and actually practice their business and the development of their ideas.”

The idea for the studio—and an Idea Vault podcast—was born during a meeting with Associate Professor of Design Chris Stagl and Paul Willis, a lecturer in the Sorrell College of Business.

“We thought it was the perfect opportunity to repurpose the vault into something useful and practical and functional without disrupting the aesthetic of the vault while also adding another resource,” George said. 

Willis, who aided in the equipment selection process, said the biggest factor was having easy-to-use equipment geared towards a quick turnaround.

TROY and IDEA Bank staff pose for a ribbon cutting in front of the vault.
A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Tuesday night at the IDEA Bank to officially open the Idea Vault Podcast Studio.

“It was pivotal that the equipment be as user-friendly as possible,” he said. “You’re able to do live-editing—you have your introduction music, and you can add in sound effects—but the primary idea is to be able to do everything on the spot, export it and share with your audience. But, you can also make any changes in post-production, if you need to.”

The first episode of the Idea Vault Podcast is now available and will continue to have monthly episodes. Stagl, who headed branding and graphic design, said the podcast is meant to be malleable and to be used “by the people.”

“We kicked it off, but we want to invite people in to utilize this space and make their own,” he said. “It’s all about the idea of whatever the other person has to say—everyone has their own story.”

Episodes will feature a broad range of guests and topics, like entrepreneur and creator interviews, brainstorming, inspiration, resources and tips for unlocking ideas. Stagl’s episode in October will also feature professionals in the creative industry.

“All of the work that we do here at the IDEA Bank is for the betterment of our community, and specifically, for our network of students, faculty and staff,” said Mauree Alice Porter, IDEA Bank program coordinator. “I believe that I can speak for everyone when I say that we are excited to offer this new resource that will help unlock doors between our community and the digital audio world.”

Click here to book the studio.

Please direct questions regarding studio usage to or 334-808-6777.