Ideation X gallery brings student art to IDEA Bank

The art is on display at the IDEA Bank in downtown Troy, Alabama.

The art is on display at the IDEA Bank in downtown Troy, Alabama.

Troy University’s graphic design students now have their award-winning art displayed at the IDEA Bank “to bring life and art to Downtown Troy.”

The Ideation X gallery is a partnership between the IDEA Bank and the Department of Art and Design’s DTI Center.

Chris Stagl, an Associate Professor of Graphic Design, Judson Edwards, Dean of the Sorrell College of Business, and Ed Noriega, Director of the Design Center and a Professor of Graphic Design, worked together to create the external gallery around the walls of the IDEA Bank.

The murals were designed in Stagl’s Fall 2020 typography class.

Stagl later met with TROY First Lady Janice Hawkins, who liked the projects the students created.

“She then gave me the thumbs up to move forward with getting them installed on the outside of the IDEA Bank’s walls,” Stagl, the creative director and designer behind the gallery, said.

Stagl worked alongside the students to get the designs created in the proper format and size to be displayed at the bank.

The murals represent the students’ interpretation of what it means to “inspire creativity, ingenuity and collaboration.”

Stagl “could not be more proud” of the designs that the students created.

“It really shows an expert level of thinking and an extremely creative process when I look at the output,” Stagl said.

Olivia Kattos is a graphic design student at TROY whose mural is displayed at the IDEA Bank.

“When I heard the department was printing [the mural project] for an external gallery, I was ecstatic,” Kattos said. “I have never had my work shown on this kind of scale.”

Kattos also won an American Advertising Federation Award (ADDY) for her mural.

Other students whose murals are displayed include Abby Vignuelle, Ashley Jones, Carly Boyd, Collen Layton, Dang Long, Hannah Keiser, Jazmyn Fletcher, Katie Genetti, Kai Xu, Natalie Blocker and Nekel Anthony.