Troy Campus will get a facelift with the addition of two new buildings

A Health Sciences building and a Center for Materials Manufacturing Science will be built on the Troy Campus.

A Health Sciences building and a Center for Materials Manufacturing Science will be built on the Troy Campus.

Troy University’s Troy Campus is about to get a facelift with the construction of two new buildings. 

The Center for Materials and Manufacturing Sciences will be built in the footprint of McCartha Hall adjacent to the Quad between Adams Administration Building and Patterson Hall. The College of Health and Human Services Health Science Building will occupy the space once the site of Hamil and Gardner halls.

With this progress and campus growth will come some challenges.  In order to complete the projects some parking areas will be affected by the construction.  Construction is expected to begin within the next few weeks that will necessitate the closure of some parking spaces around these two sites.  

“We will notify the campus community once we have an exact date as to when construction will begin,” said Dean of Students Herbert Reeves. “We apologize for the inconvenience during this growth and construction period, but we look forward to the new facilities that will expand and enhance some of our academic programs in the near future.”  

Health Sciences Building
The parking lot between Shackelford Hall and Wright Hall will be closed during the construction phase.  Several of the parking spaces leading up to this lot will also be blocked.  Access to the Barnes and Noble lot will remain open throughout the construction. Intermittent closures of parking spaces on the east side of the construction site to the rear of Eldridge Hall will also take place as needed to make the necessary connection to the various utilities

Center for Materials and Manufacturing Sciences
For the duration of construction on CMMS, the lot to the north side of Adams Administration (between Adams Administration and the McCartha Hall Lot) will also be closed. Additionally, parking spaces in the first row of the Patterson Hall parking lot will close (faculty/staff zoned) and parking spaces immediately adjacent to construction site will remain closed.

Reeves said that during the construction phase additional parking will be made available in the gated lot across John M. Long Avenue behind Trojan Dining on a first come-first serve basis. 

Additionally, from 7:40 a.m. to 5 p.m. on class days, the University will run a 10-minute shuttle route from the Trojan Arena parking lot to the center of the campus on University Avenue. This shuttle service will be made available as long as the need dictates, he said.

Additional handicapped spaces will be added in the Shackelford Quad to access the main quad and classroom buildings.