Troy University pop music ensemble POPulus performing in Dothan Nov. 15

POPulus, Troy University's pop ensemble, will perform at the Dothan Opera House on Nov. 15.

POPulus, Troy University's pop ensemble, will perform at the Dothan Opera House on Nov. 15.

A group of Troy University students will bring a unique blend of popular music genres to the Dothan Opera House on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

POPulus, the University’s pop ensemble featuring students from the Music Industry Program, will perform a mix of popular hits and original songs in a variety of styles, including classic rock, country, hip-hop, and rhythm and blues.

The performance begins at 7 p.m. and is part of the TROY Tuesdays series of performances from the College of Communication and Fine Arts.

POPulus includes student artists of diverse and eclectic styles who blend together with a concert production team in a unique musical environment honoring all genres of American popular music.

“What we do here is develop artists, musicians of all kinds from all places,” said Ava Symone, a freshman music industry major from the Bahamas who has been a backup singer for rapper Flo Rida. “We are all students, so it feels more personal than working with people on the outside, because for the most part you don’t really know them. As students, we build a relationship and it becomes a family of some sort.”

In addition to providing an outlet for students to cover songs by existing artists, POPulus will also feature original songs written by the students.

The music of POPulus is available online at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and multiple streaming sites around the globe, including Spotify.

TROY Tuesdays continue with the Pied Pipers on Jan. 31 and a John M. Long School of Music faculty showcase on April 4.

“This is an initiative designed to bring performing arts performances to Dothan,” said Dr. Larry Blocher, Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts. “It’s important for the Dothan community to know what Troy University is about, and it’s an opportunity to showcase some of the various things Troy University offers in the performing arts.”

Tickets are free, but can be reserved through the Dothan Opera House Box Office: 334-615-3175.