POPulus produces new album ‘Wild Ride’

TROY's pop music ensemble POPulus has a new album available to stream and buy, titled 'Wild Ride.'

TROY's pop music ensemble POPulus has a new album available to stream and buy, titled 'Wild Ride.'

Unique creativity flows through Troy University’s John M. Long School of Music — not only does the School of Music give us the Sound of the South Marching Band, it is the fountain from which flows the creativity behind the POPulus recording group.

The group’s newest album, recently released, is titled “Wild Ride.” This album was written and recorded by Troy University students, and it’s representative of the spirit of the pop music ensemble.

Every year since POPulus started in the fall of 2012, a group of students in the Music Industry Program have come together in a special project that represents the recording industry.

Working together as POPulus, students have annually produced studio albums featuring music from many different genres.

There are 34 students involved in the group, including vocalists, instrumentalists and engineers, and they write and record all genres of American pop music.

“This ensemble not only plays covers from well-known artists, they also play original songs written by students from Troy University’s music industry program,” said Robert W. Smith, coordinator of the music industry program and director of POPulus. “This album is different from previous releases because the quality of writing as a program is maturing, more resources are available and more genres are explored. Students have grown in their abilities and gained more experience, helping yield a more professional sound.”

Multiple classes are involved in the making of each album.

Students in the music industry program will master skills needed in the music industry, including the areas of retail, recording, distribution, music law, publishing media and employment.

For more information, contact Robert Smith at rwsmith@troy.edu