Sorrell College of Business recognized for internationalization efforts

Sorrell College of Business students at Troy University taking part in the Student International Trade Show.

Sorrell College of Business students at Troy University taking part in the Student International Trade Show.

Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business has been recognized for its deep commitment to internationalization, reflecting TROY’s reputation as “Alabama’s International University.”

The Sorrell College was recently awarded accreditation from the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS), an association of business schools from universities around the world united by shared commitment to the internationalization of business and economics. NIBS Accreditation recognizes the degree to which a school of business has become international in all facets of its organization.

The NIBS team visited the Troy Campus in March and the Sorrell College was officially awarded accreditation at the NIBS annual conference in May. In its report recommending accreditation, the team noted TROY’s multi-faceted approach to internationalization.

“The ‘Alabama’s International University’ slogan is much more than a marketing tool,” the committee wrote. “It is a driving strategy for the university that is fully embedded in the campus ethos and thoroughly internalized by students, faculty and senior leaders at all levels of the university administration.”

Dr. Judson Edwards, Dean of the Sorrell College, said NIBS Accreditation validates the efforts of administration, faculty and staff to make global awareness a key component of the comprehensive business education at Troy University.

“The commitment to internationalization, both university-wide and within the Sorrell College, truly enhances the educational experience of our students and better prepares them for success in business and life,” Edwards said.

Edwards said NIBS Accreditation opens the door for student and faculty exchanges and even joint teaching and research opportunities among schools in the NIBS network.

“The most valuable part of this process has been the enhancement recommendations given to us by the NIBS team,” Edwards said. “They gave us great ideas for improving study abroad participation and creating ways to better measure global awareness activities. Overall, it is another step forward for the Sorrell College.”

There are only 65 business schools around the world that have achieved NIBS accreditation, and just nine in the U.S.