Trojan Book Bag makes getting course materials easy, affordable

Trojan Book Bag is designed to save students money while making course materials more affordable.

Trojan Book Bag is designed to save students money while making course materials more affordable.

Troy University is launching a new program that will allow students to rent their required course materials in a convenient package before the first day of class. Named Trojan Book Bag, the program is designed to save students money, time and effort.

Beginning with registration for the 2024 Fall Semester and Term 1—which opens on April 10— all required course materials will be included in a $21 per-credit-hour charge for each course. Students who utilize the program will save an average of 35-50 percent off the retail price of course materials.

For example, the retail price of the textbook for General Chemistry is $278.56 for a four-credit hour course. Under the Trojan Book Bag program, the cost to the student would be $84, saving the student $194.56, approximately 70 percent, said Dr. Jim Bookout, Senior Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs and Online Education.

“The amount of savings per student will vary depending on the number of hours they are taking and the ‘typical retail cost’ of the materials required for their courses,” he said. “Savings calculations were made using the 2023 academic year, and if the program had been in place in 2023, enrolled students, collectively, would have saved $2.3 million.”

Students registering for classes for the Fall Semester or Terms 1 and 2 will be automatically enrolled in Trojan Book Bag. One month before classes start, students will receive an email with instructions to review their courses and choose how to receive their physical materials: via in-store pickup or delivery. All digital materials will be delivered within Canvas.

Once the materials are ready, students will receive an email notification that their order is ready for pickup at the bookstore or that it has been shipped.

When classes are over, the bookstore will send reminder emails to return the rental materials or purchase the textbooks at a reduced rate during the return period.

“Troy University is excited to partner with Barnes & Noble College to help drive student success by ensuring all students are prepared on the first day of class,” said Dr. Kerry Palmer, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. “Having access to course materials is vital, and we are proud to offer this new program to better meet the needs of our students.”

Students who choose not to utilize Trojan Book Bag have the option to opt-out beginning approximately 30 days before classes start and up to the last day of the free drop/add period.

Trojan Book Bag is TROY’s implementation of First Day Complete, Barnes & Noble College’s equitable and inclusive access program that aims to remove barriers to higher education by improving access, affordability and convenience. TROY will now be one of over 150 college campuses nationwide and one of the first public four-year institutions in Alabama to adopt the program.

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