Trojan Center open as shelter for students, faculty and staff

September 10, 2017

The Trojan Center on the Troy Campus is now open as a shelter for students, faculty and staff. Students living off-campus in mobile homes are especially encouraged to seek shelter on campus. Students who live in on-campus residence halls may shelter in place or go to the Trojan Center. Plan to arrive at the shelter soon to avoid traveling during severe conditions.

The most recent forecasts from the National Weather Service indicate that Pike County will experience severe weather including wind and rain starting early Monday morning.

The City of Troy has opened the recreation center on Enzor Road as a shelter for members of the public and local community.

Campus dining facilities will remain open tomorrow, and University police, counselors and other staff members will be on hand at the Trojan Center to support students.

Please continue to monitor the weather situation and be alert for rapidly changing conditions. Sign up for safety alerts at and follow @TROYUSOS on Twitter. Updates will also be posted to the University’s hurricane resource page: