TROY brings jazz to Dothan

March 23, 2018

Troy University brought jazz to the City of Dothan on Tuesday.

Frequency, the University’s vocal jazz ensemble, joined the TROY Jazz Ensemble to perform twice at the historic Dothan Opera House.

“It’s a pretty enjoyable thing for us,” said Dr. Dave Camwell, director of the Jazz Ensemble. “Usually we’re playing at our home site for people we go to school with, so it’s nice to get out of our element, play a different venue and a different city.”

The audiences included students from various Dothan-area schools as well as the public.

“We’re playing in front of a different age group as well, a younger generation,” Camwell said. “In a few years, they could very well be onstage with either of these groups.”

Collaborations between frequency and the Jazz Ensemble are rare, another aspect that added to the enjoyment for both groups.

“Jazz is a huge field, and we showed a lot of different facets of it, and it’s great to be able to bring in these local students and use the concert as a recruiting tool as well as an educational tool,” said Dr. Diane Orlofsky, frequency director. “This is an interesting audience, because we have elementary through high school students. But music is relevant to everyone. Age doesn’t matter.”

The venue helped make the day special.

“The Dothan Opera House is a beautiful, terrific venue,” Camwell said.

The performances were part of TROY Tuesdays, an ongoing series by the College of Communications and Fine Arts.