TROY offering additional Flex Classes in Term 3

Flex classes are a hybrid of online and in-class learning.

Flex classes are a hybrid of online and in-class learning.

Troy University is offering an expanded lineup of Flex Classes in Term 3, a new class format that combines the best features of the online and in-class experiences.

Flex classes are a hybrid of online and in-class learning. Classes offered in the Flex format hold regular in-class sessions (for now at TROY’s Dothan, Montgomery and Phenix City campuses), and each class session is streamed live online at the same time. In addition, recordings of each class session are available for on-demand viewing later.

Students have praised the new format’s flexibility while allowing a closer connection to professors.

“When I ask students about their experience in this new format the feedback is super positive,” said William J. Byrd, Associate Professor of Economics/Finance. “They enjoy the connection that I am making with them in the lectures be it face-to-face, over Teams or when they view it on their own time. They love having the lectures available any day and any time. It provides them access to the past for an in-depth look or for a brief refresher. They also love the no-cost commitment. They are free to choose their way.”

Students enrolled in Flex classes can freely switch between formats based on their needs. Students can attend in person if they prefer the face-to-face experience, watch online from a location convenient to them, or catch up on classes they missed by watching them later. All coursework will be completed online.

“Flex provides our students a great opportunity to connect with their instructor in multiple ways,” Byrd said. “As a teacher, I want to educate as many students as possible. Sometimes you don’t always see them in the physical classroom, so you don’t get that student-teacher engagement. But life happens. So, a Flex course allows the student to still engage their way and overcome life happening. And I think that’s a pretty good model.”

TROY is offering 15 classes in the Flex format in Term 3, which begins on Jan. 10:

  • CS-3330-XTIA, Data Structure and Algorithms, Montgomery Campus
  • CS-4420-XTIA, Introduction to Database Systems, Montgomery Campus
  • ECO-2252-XTIA, Principles of Microeconomics, Dothan Campus
  • FIN-3331-XTIC, Managerial Finance, Dothan Campus
  • HIS-1112-XTIC, U.S. Since 1877, Dothan Campus
  • IR-6686-XTIA, Latin American Security, Phenix City Campus
  • IS-3310-XTIB, Intro Info Sys & Data Analytic, Montgomery Campus
  • QM-3345-XTIB, Operations Management, Dothan Campus
  • SWK-7707-XTIC, Adv SW Practice with Groups, Dothan Campus
  • SWK-7707-XTIB, Adv SW Practice with Groups, Montgomery Campus
  • SWK-7707-XTIA, Adv. SW Practice with Groups, Phenix City Campus
  • SWK-7769-XTIA, Adv. Direct Pract. Senior Seminar, Dothan Campus
  • SWK-7769-MTHA, Adv. Direct Pract. Senior Seminar, Montgomery Campus
  • PSY-4460-MTHA, Cognitive Psychology, Montgomery Campus
  • EDU-3308-DTHA, Integrated STEM Education, Dothan Campus

Registration for Term 3 continues through Jan. 18. For more information on Flex classes, visit: