TROY professor performing, recording with renowned Alberta Winds

March 20, 2019

A Troy University music professor will soon perform and record with one of the premiere wind ensembles in North America.

Dr. Dave Camwell, Associate Professor of Music and the University’s Director of Jazz Studies, will perform and record a concerto Sunday, May 12 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with the world-renowned Alberta Winds.

The concerto will be recorded for inclusion on Camwell’s upcoming album “Second Wind,” to be released in January 2020.

“This concert and recording session are quite special to me, as Calgary was where I largely grew up, and some of the members of the Alberta Winds are people that I went to school with at the University of Calgary, where I did some of my undergraduate degree,” Camwell said.

Camwell will perform David Canfield’s “Concerto After Mendelssohn,” which Canfield dedicated to Camwell after writing it in 2017.

The piece will be performed at Christ Church in Calgary, where Camwell married his wife, TROY professor Dr. Jillian Camwell.

“David Canfield will be at the recording session and concert, driving all the way from Indiana to be there,” Camwell said. “This is going to be the first recording of the piece and the Canadian premiere. I have played this work in its orchestra setting in Des Moines, Iowa, in May 2017, and I will play it at the North American Saxophone Alliance Region 6 conference on March 23.”