TROY Public Radio fundraising drive ongoing this week

The drive lasts through March 29, and listeners can give by calling the station or visiting its website.

The drive lasts through March 29, and listeners can give by calling the station or visiting its website.

TROY Public Radio is hosting its Spring 2021 fundraising drive this week, March 22 through March 29, offering listeners a chance to financially support the station.

This year’s theme is “Here for You” to reflect on the increased listenership that the station has experienced over the past year. Radio stations nationwide saw similar trends as the last year has provided many landmark events and opened up many different conversations.

The pandemic was, of course, a major talking point, but other things like racial injustice protests and live election coverage gave routine listeners something new to pay attention to and new listeners a reason to tune in. TROY Public Radio also saw an increase in new members and supporters of the station.

“The year 2020 was interesting for everyone and that included the world of radio,” said Kyle Gassiott, the operations manager for TROY Public Radio. “Less people physically commuting to work meant fewer people tuning into the radio in their cars. 

“That didn’t mean, however, that fewer people listened to TPR, they just started listening digitally by streaming us on their computers or smart speakers like Alexa.” 

Due to this increase in different listening platforms, the station enhanced its digital services and even added a podcast option for on-demand listening. Gassiott said TPR intends to keep these new listening formats in place to continue to reach those listeners.

“All of these services in addition to our first-rate programming requires funding and resources to support them,” he said. “Our listeners know this, and each drive they step up to give a one-time gift or join the station as a sustainer, someone who gives an automatic monthly amount to TROY Public Radio.”

The Spring 2021 drive is reminding listeners that the station is “Here for Them” now and in the future. Public Radio, as a medium in the U.S., turns 50 in May, and with this drive and other fundraising campaigns the station hopes to lay the foundation to be here serving its listeners for the next 50 years. 

The drive runs from March 22-29 for 12 hours on-air each day. Listeners can give by calling 1-800-800-6616 or by going online.