TROY Public Radio launching first podcasts this week

The TROY Public Radio program

The TROY Public Radio program "In Focus" and "The Talk of TROY" are now available on podcasts on all major podcast platforms.

TROY Public Radio will be expanding its reach this week with the launch of its first ever podcasts.

The radio programs “In Focus with Carolyn Hutcheson” and “The Talk of TROY” are now available on-demand as podcasts, giving listeners around the world access to programing from the campuses of Troy University. Both shows are available on all major podcast platforms, including PodBean, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. 

The award-winning “In Focus” has been a staple on TROY Public Radio’s airwaves for more than 20 years. The show brings voices and conversations from TROY Public Radio’s coverage area and beyond. On Mondays and Fridays “In Focus” partners with Alabama Public Television‘s Don Dailey to preview the week with the Political Buzzword and wrap up the week’s events on the Newswrap.  The show also highlights artists, historians, experts, environmentalists, musicians, authors, and other big thinkers and change makers.

“The Talk of TROY” is a weekly snapshot of current events and notable individuals across Troy University’s campuses.  The program is student produced and has been recognized by the Intercollegiate Broadcast System and the Society of Professional Journalists.

“It’s a very exciting time for TROY Public Radio as we reach a new audience, some of whom have never tuned into our broadcasts,” said Kyle Gassiott, TROY Public Radio Operations Manager. “Every day we work to produce the highest quality local programming and now more listeners will be able to experience the breadth and diversity that our hosts and producers bring to the air.  And it will all be available for listeners on their own schedule!”

Later this week, TROY Public Radio will launch a third podcast, “Clarinet Corner,” in which host and Troy University music professor Tim Phillips explores the world of clarinet music and talks to clarinet players from around the world. Additional shows featuring TROY faculty on a variety of subjects are also planned.

Search for TROY podcasts on your preferred podcast platform and follow TROY Public Radio or Troy University on social media for information about upcoming shows and episodes.