TROY sees largest incoming freshman class in three years

The first of nine IMPACT sessions for incoming freshmen was held on June 12-13.

The first of nine IMPACT sessions for incoming freshmen was held on June 12-13.

Troy University is brimming with new students this summer after welcoming its largest freshman class in three years. From June 12 through July 21, over 1,550 students will take part in IMPACT, the two-day student orientation process that prepares students for life as a Trojan.

Korrie Lynn Williamson, Senior Director of Enrollment Services, said the number of new students enrolled was encouraging to her and her staff in the Admissions office. 

Enrollment in IMPACT is up 7 percent since 2021 and nearly 5 percent from 2022, with room to grow. Registration for both the Fall semester and Term 1 are now open with the first day of classes set for Aug. 16.

“Being the largest class that we’ve had in the last few years, it’s really encouraging to us because it is a full circle moment,” she said. “We’re able to see all those recruiting efforts and admissions responsibilities come to a close, but it’s an exciting beginning for the students who are starting their Trojan journey.”

Held each summer, IMPACT welcomes incoming transfer students, freshmen and their parents to the Troy Campus for a series of informational sessions and a night of fun at Butter and Egg Adventures. During IMPACT, students take their photo for their student ID, attend browse sessions featuring opportunities to get involved around campus, visit academic departments and register for classes. 

“We’re talking to the student about how they can be successful, what goals they need to be setting. The goal of orientation is to leave TROY knowing what to expect, knowing how to be a successful Trojan and knowing what classes they’re going to take,” Williamson said. “But of course, there’s also a lot of fun.”

Amy O’Kelley, a parent to twin daughters who will be attending TROY in the fall, said she and her family had a “wonderful” experience at IMPACT and the student Q&A panel, visiting the nursing school, the browse sessions, eating lunch at the Dining Hall and meeting Troy University Police were all very informative. 

“We are very excited for the girls to attend TROY,” she said. “From our very first visit all the way through our time at IMPACT, we have been impressed with every interaction we’ve had. Each person we’ve met or talked to on the phone has been nice, knowledgeable and helpful and has an obvious love for the University.”

Four new students pose for a photo with their zip lining gear at Butter and Egg Adventures.
After Day 1 of IMPACT, students are treated to a night at Butter and Egg Adventures where they can zip line, canoe, pedal boat and play other competitive games.

As parents of twins, O’Kelley said she and her husband, Reid, were particularly thankful for the scholarship opportunities TROY offers. Their daughters, Allie and Caroline, graduates of Chiles High School in Tallahassee, Fla., are the recipients of a Chancellor’s Scholarship and will be on the cheerleading team.

“Both girls received a letter from a faculty member congratulating them on receiving the Chancellor’s Scholarship and letting them know about the leadership minor offered at TROY,” she said. “The letter was very nice and informative, but it was the personal note that this faculty member took the time to write that made us know they made the right choice.”

When choosing a college, O’Kelley said the girls both wanted a school with a good nursing program, smaller class sizes, a variety of organizations and a competitive athletics programs where the students have a lot of school pride.

“When we toured TROY for the first time in September 2022, we found all of these things and more—all on a beautiful and safe campus,” she said. “We know some current students and some recent alumni, and they all have only positive things to say about their experience at TROY. While it’s hard to send your children off to college, we know they are in good hands and are going to have the best four years!” 

Naomi Rainey, an incoming freshman from Crestview, Fla., said TROY’s music education and theatreprogram drew her in, but learning about the rest of the University made her choice an easy one.

“I’ve wanted to be in Sound of the South since my freshman year of high school, but then I searched into the college a little bit more and I really liked all the majors TROY offers, but theatre and music education got the best of me,” she said. “I’ve had a great time at IMPACT so far, everyone has been very open and very informative.

Camiya Steele from Birmingham, Ala., plans to study political science and said she chose TROY over the University of Alabama because of how welcome she was made to feel.

“The people here have been so open and easy to talk to,” she said. “I felt like I really fit in. I’ve met a ton of new people at IMPACT and it’s helped me feel ready to start the semester.”

Registration is still open for a freshmen session on July 20-21 and a transfer session on July 12.

For more information, visit the IMPACT website, call 334-670-3179 or email