Troy University as seen through the eyes of incoming freshmen

TROYventure participants were treated to an on campus photoshoot prior to attending a downtown band party.

TROYventure participants were treated to an on campus photoshoot prior to attending a downtown band party.

Troy University took a step forward in expanding the University Social Media Ambassador’s program during the first-ever TROYventure event held earlier this summer.

Ten incoming freshmen women were invited to participate in a two-day glamping-style event where they got to spend the night on the Quad and experience what it’s like to be on campus before classes start in the fall.  The students were selected to participate based on their College Decision Day choice to attend TROY, their resumes and academic achievements and their public presence on social media.

The goal of the program was to immerse the students in all things TROY so that they could tell the University’s story through their own eyes. In addition, they got a taste of what it will be like to live in the City of Troy by dining and shopping downtown. Troy’s downtown is going through a renaissance and offers visitors a quaint small-town experience complete with five-star dining options and stylish boutique shopping. Coinciding with the weekend’s event was a Troy University video shoot where the students were featured in content for future TROY commercials, online video and social media content to enhance University marketing efforts.

The students were greeted by T-Roy as they arrive for the two-day, glamping-style event.

“As part of the University’s mission, TROY fosters leadership development by offering a quality education, along with hands-on experience, to help students become leaders who want to serve and give back to their communities,” said Samantha Johnson, Troy University’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

The students arrived the morning of June 9 and were given red-carpet treatment as they were welcomed by TROY’s mascot, T-Roy. They then spent the next couple of days experiencing campus life, meeting University alumni and faculty members. 

After a hair and make-up session with Iconic Upgrades owner and TROY alumna Conleigh Gilmore (’16), alumna Stephanie Carter Campbell (‘04) helped the students pick out an outfit for their evening of fun at a band party downtown. She also told the students about how TROY helped lead her to her career path of becoming an entrepreneur after graduation.  A photoshoot on campus was held before the evening’s festivities.

Students enjoyed s’mores and a campfire on the quad as part of the glamping setup provided by To Go Box Camper Company.

After the evening of fun on the Square, the group returned to campus to enjoy s’mores and a campfire on the Quad before turning in for the evening in a “glamping” setup provided by To Go Box Camper Company, owned by TROY alumna Becky Stewart (’95,’98).

On Saturday, the students got to experience a yoga class on the Quad and meet faculty members who counseled them on their chosen majors. They also enjoyed shopping and lunch in downtown Troy.

The students described the overall event as an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and get to know more about the campus and the City of Troy.

“My experience with my TROYventure was nothing short of amazing,” said Emma Darling, who plans to major in education. “I got to meet so many smiling faces while on campus and create so many new friendships. Seeing all the wonderful setups and photo-ops was truly something I wasn’t expecting. My favorite part of TROYventure was going to the band party on the Square and dancing with new friends.”

Anna Glynn Lott, who plans to major in nursing at TROY, agreed that the band party was among her favorite activities. “My favorite event was the band party in downtown Troy and being able to hang out with all of the girls and experience what it is like to live in Troy and be a part of the community,” she said.

The students began day two of their TROYventure with yoga on the Quad.

Hannah Claire Ketchum, who plans to major in elementary education, said the TROYventure experience provided a great opportunity to meet new friends before the school year started. “It was so much fun getting to know new people and seeing what all TROY and the school we love has to offer,” she said, noting that the shopping excursion was her favorite part of the weekend. “It was so much more than I had imagined. Each event was so much fun and so exciting. I’m so thankful to have been a part of it all.”

For other participants like Alexandria Brantley, the quieter times were among her favorites of the event.

“The s’mores,” she said when asked about her favorite part of the experience. “It gave us time to chill and talk among ourselves.”

While Kamden Eady enjoyed the shopping excursion, she too was surprised to find one of the quieter times to be among her favorites. “I really enjoyed yoga,” she said. “I discovered that yoga was way more fun than I thought.”

For Sarah Morgan, one of the biggest takeaways from the TROYventure experience for her was that both the University and the city provide wonderful environments and she is excited to begin her TROY journey. “From the pool party to the academic spotlights and everything in between, I am so grateful for the best University allowing me to experience this event,” said Morgan, who plans to major in cybersecurity. “Each event was a reminder of the wonderful community at Troy, on campus and in town. I’m looking forward to getting involved on campus. Serving my community is something that has always been extremely important to me, and I hope to be able to do that through various organizations such as Greek Life, Freshman Forum, and Baptist Campus Ministries.”

TROYventure not only served to acquaint students with the campus and the town, but it also served to stir excitement for beginning their TROY journeys this fall.

“I am super excited for this fall,” said McKay Yountz, who plans to major in rehabilitation services. “I am so ready to move in and make new friends, and I am excited for Rush. I have not even moved to Troy yet, but it is the best college. Everyone is so personable and kind. The community and atmosphere are very comforting and feel like home.”

TROYventure also provided evidence for those who participated that they, indeed, had made the right college choice.

“I would describe TROY as a smaller school with the big-school experience,” said Haley O’Brien, who plans to pursue a nursing degree. “You have smaller classes which help you get to know your professors better, but TROY has all the organizations that a bigger school would have. To me, TROY was a no-brainer because my whole family has gone to TROY and absolutely loved it. I always knew I would come here from a young age.”

The students described the overall event as an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and get to know more about the campus and the City of Troy.