‘Troy’s Got Talent’ set to go on the virtual stage; submissions ongoing

A TROY student makes his bid on

A TROY student makes his bid on "Troy's Got Talent" during Homecoming Week last fall. (TROY photo/Joey Meredith)

Troy University students have until April 12 to submit videos in their quests to become the next TROY’s Got Talent winner.

The popular event, normally conducted live and in person from a Troy Campus venue, is proceeding as planned – virtually, said University Activities Council public relations director Keneshia Mahan. The last competition was held in the amphitheater during Homecoming Week.

Any TROY student can submit a video of their talent to either tholt@troy.edu or fmoore@troy.edu. Once submitted, the UAC executive committee will select a top 10, which will be posted to the UAC’s Instagram page (@troyuac) on April 15.

“Everyone can then vote on the top 5. Once we have closed the vote on Instagram, we’ll have a live ‘finale’ show on Zoom,” Mahan said. “A like equals one vote.”

That live finale is set for April 22.

“We’re doing this online in light of the current epidemic,” she said. “We wanted to create a safe environment for students to participate with one another and to encourage students to use technology.”

“Our virtual event is a way students can stay interactive, and ‘Troy’s Got Talent’ is an engaging and relaxing college experience. It’s a fun way the student body can come together and enjoy each other,” Mahan said. 

Submissions began on April 5.