Visiting artist honored in reception scheduled for April 4

The art exhibit is on display until April 7 in the HBZ gallery.

The art exhibit is on display until April 7 in the HBZ gallery.

An artist’s reception will be held on Thursday, April 4 at the International Arts Center in honor of Dr. Ouyang Yifei, a visiting artist from Changzhou Institute of Technology in China. Yifei’s exhibit, titled “Soul of China: A Journey Through Traditional Art,” offers a unique glimpse into the profound history and beauty of Chinese art and has been on display since March 25.

The exhibition consists of three parts: traditional Chinese paper cutting, Chinese calligraphy and seal cutting and includes nearly 100 works. Yifei’s show organically integrates the uniqueness, creativity and practicability of commercial promotion of traditional Chinese art.

“This exhibition is a celebration of Chinese culture and its rich artistic heritage,” said Art Department Chair Gregory Skaggs. “It aims to introduce the world to the beauty and depth of Chinese art, while also promoting understanding and appreciation of our shared cultural values.”

Visitors to the exhibition will be treated to live demonstrations of calligraphy and paper cutting, allowing them to witness the meticulous techniques used in creating these masterpieces. Interactive displays and informational panels are also available, providing insights into the historical context and symbolic meanings behind each artwork.

The exhibition is a collaborative project between Troy University and Changzhou Institute of Technology with the goal of carrying forward traditional Chinese culture and promoting art exchange and development.

“The promotion and development of personal teaching and scientific research in the arts can attract more experts and scholars to visit China where they can obtain more creative inspiration and support,” Yifei said.

The exhibit will remain open until April 7. The reception begins at 4 p.m. in the HBZ gallery, and light refreshments served.