White Coat Society to help reduce financial barriers faced by TROY undergraduate nursing students

Undergraduate nursing students typically spend between $400 and $800 annually on supplies beyond tuition and books.

Undergraduate nursing students typically spend between $400 and $800 annually on supplies beyond tuition and books.

A new initiative at Troy University is designed to help eliminate some of the financial barriers faced by undergraduate nursing students as they pursue their degrees.

Nursing students typically spend anywhere from $400 to $800 annually on necessary supplies beyond their tuition and books. The White Coat Society is an annual initiative that helps nursing students throughout their academic journeys, from first semester until graduation.  

“Any nursing student will tell you that the program is expensive,” said Dr. Wade Forehand, Director of TROY’s School of Nursing. “Beyond tuition, books, and fees, nursing students have expenses for lab supplies, uniform requirements, clinical requirements, medical equipment, and supplemental course materials. Many of these additional expenses are not covered by scholarships nor financial aid. Therefore, students must find ways to address these costs.”

By contributing to the White Coat Society, donors will directly aid nursing students with these extra costs.

“Troy University and the School of Nursing understand this and are working on ways to make the program as affordable as possible,” Forehand said. “The White Coat Society is a way for alumni, the community, and friends of healthcare to support our students. We are excited about how this fund will help to reduce barriers and support students to be successful.”

Dr. Teresa Law, Bachelor of Nursing program Coordinator, said the new initiative not only will help current students, but also make the program more attractive to prospective nursing students as well. She said the funds would help students acquire essential medical equipment such as scrubs, stethoscopes, shoes and even smaller items like clipboards, badge holders and pen lights.

“Through this fund, we aim to eliminate financial barriers, allowing students to excel and hopefully recruiting others to the field,” Law said. “With a gift of $100 or more, donors will become members of the White Coat Society and help make an immediate impact on the life of a nursing student and support the future of health care.”

During Troy University’s Giving Day on Oct. 10, the School of Nursing has set a goal of 300 gifts to the White Coat and Stethoscope Fund. The nursing faculty is teaming up to donate $100 for every 30 gifts to the fund, up to 300 gifts.

To learn more or to make a gift, visit donate.troy.edu/whitecoat.