11 ways to overcome the post-spring break slump

TROY student Jessica Gunn has advice for her classmates as they return from spring break.

TROY student Jessica Gunn has advice for her classmates as they return from spring break.

1. Go to class

Some classes have an attendance policy, some don’t. If you have classes that don’t have a strict attendance policy, it can be easy to want to sleep in that extra hour in the morning or skip. Simply going to class can improve your grade or help you keep that A, because you’ll know more of the information given and when assignments are due.


2. Go to the beach

Troy is so close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Panama City and Destin are just over two hours away, and you probably have a friend from the area. Try to have a beach weekend where you can relax and have time to make memories with your friends.

3. Go to baseball games

Troy has an amazing baseball team that plays multiple games almost every week. Plus, students get in free to every game with their student ID. Baseball games also have promotions going on at just about every game that gives you the opportunity to win gift cards and free Troy gear. The weather in Troy is beautiful in the springtime, so why not spend some time cheering on the school we love!

4. Join a study group

Find some people in your class that you can gather with before tests to study. You can quiz one another, share notes and work together to be successful on coursework. Using your notes is good but being able to use other people’s along with yours is even better. Maybe you missed something the teacher said in class, or another group member has something highlighted that you don’t.

5. Spend some time outside

Springtime is when the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Spend time outside to enjoy the fresh air and soak up all the vitamin D that the sun has to offer.

6. Change your location

Study in a new spot! Changing up your location can help you retain the information that you’re learning even if it’s not your favorite subject. The change of scenery will help it stand out in your mind.

7. Call your mom

She probably misses you and has some funny stories to tell.

8. Plan a post-finals trip

Go relax and take pride that you’ve finished up another semester of classes.

9. Get involved

If you need help, click here.

10. Look forward to graduation

If you’re graduating, congrats! If you’re not, then it’s time to congratulate those that are and plan towards your own!

11. Get excited about Fall 2018!

The football schedule is already out, so get excited to cheer on your Trojans this fall! Get ready for classes, a fresh start to a new semester and you’ll be one step closer to graduation!