Five Reasons To Be An Impact Leader

Members of the 2014 IMPACT leader team.

Members of the 2014 IMPACT leader team.

Being a summer orientation leader is the most coveted position at Troy University. Most students must wait years to finally get accepted into the program. Once you are an Impact Leader, you can gain respect from your fellow peers and Troy faculty, as well as meet fresh new faces through these experiences. Sixty-hour work weeks can sound daunting, so what makes this job so desirable? Well… speaking from experience:

  1. Meeting incoming students is the most exciting experience for leaders. Even though each session is only two days, leaders do bond quickly with their students. During Impact games we work together as a team, which always ends up with our group getting closer with each other. The most rewarding experience is returning to campus in the fall and talking with students who were in your group.
  2. You will learn everything about Troy University. As a leader you have to know the school inside and out. You get intense training, and by the end, you will have learned so much that students will come to you for the rest of your time at Troy with questions and you’ll have a new appreciation for your school!
  3. Impact leaders get extremely close with other leaders and staff. There are a total of 14 leaders, and they become your best friends. I still talk to my group on a weekly basis. The faculty that run the program will also invest in your life and stay connected with you. I just had lunch with my Impact coordinator three days ago.
  4. Getting to spend the summer in Troy is always a plus. The Impact leaders take advantage of the activities the city has to offer. We loved going to eat at Sips, visit the parks, go to the movies, and visit all our friends who are in town.
  5. Last but not least, my favorite thing about being an Impact leader is watching students fall in love with Troy. Leaders help them create their schedule and show them around campus. You get an opportunity to be the first face they meet and you tell them why Troy University is the best school they could have chosen.

I was an Impact leader after my freshman year. That experience changed the course of my time here at Troy University. The friendships I cultivated both with my fellow leaders and students still have a large influence in my life. I am thankful to attend a school that provides students with such amazing opportunities.

Applications are currently being accepted for IMPACT leaders for 2017. Applications are available in the admissions office until Feb. 13.