Ten signs that it’s TROY Trojan game day

August 31, 2018

If you live in Troy, you know just as much it’s usually a pretty quiet town. However, you also know that football is a very big deal. You also know how to tell a Trojan Game Day is approaching, but just in case you don’t, I got your back. Here’s what to expect for Game Day at Troy University.

1. The signs are out around town!

Game day signs around town.

2. The tents have been set up for days.

Tents on tailgate terrace.

3. SGA is selling buttons for us!

4. The girls are searching for those perfect “Game Day Outfits.”

5. The Freshman Run! (Luckily, you freshmen only have to actually run for the first game, don’t worry ;))


7. The posters around school will tell you what colors to wear to show your school spirit

8. The scoreboards have been up and running all week long, ready for the big day

9. You’re starting to see the Neal Brown signs because, well, we all love Neal Brown.

10. Traffic is picking up and roads are closed, but that’s how you know Game Day has arrived!

Happy Game Day Trojans!