IMPACT taking leadership applications

IMPACT leaders are responsible for guiding incoming students around campus during the annual freshman orientation.

IMPACT leaders are responsible for guiding incoming students around campus during the annual freshman orientation.

Applications for Summer 2021 IMPACT leaders at Troy University opened on Jan. 27 and will remain open until Feb. 19.

Birdie Norris, the assistant director for IMPACT, said the University is not sure if IMPACT will follow the same one-day format as it did this past summer or return to the original two-day format as it used to be.

Norris and the rest of the IMPACT team are continuing to monitor coronavirus information as they make decisions regarding how the orientation events will proceed. However, they are remaining flexible with student safety as the top priority.

Last summer, IMPACT had to adapt its operations to account for COVID-19 guidelines, including smaller group sizes, socially distant activities and the option for a virtual session with the IMPACT leaders.

Despite those obstacles, Josh Marvin, a senior communications major from Alabaster, Alabama, said being an IMPACT leader was still a valuable experience.

“IMPACT is worthwhile even through a pandemic because people are always worth investing in,” said Marvin. “Establishing relationships with new people and people who are different from you is invaluable, and IMPACT is an excellent avenue to learn more about people and overcoming challenges.”

Marvin also encouraged students to apply regardless of what the summer may end up looking like.

“Adaptability is the key lesson I learned from IMPACT during a pandemic,” he said. “Even when things seem bitter at face value, I learned how to find the good in everything.

“Even when my experience seemed different, it did not mean it was lesser. Optimism, hand-in-hand with adaptability, really created an awesome learning environment with IMPACT.”

Marvin also wanted to combat the idea that an IMPACT leader should look one specific way or have a specific resumé, instead saying anyone with even the slightest interest should apply.

“To those interested in applying, do not let your lack of campus involvement hinder you from believing you are a qualified candidate,” he said. “A great IMPACT Leader is adaptable, has a heart for others and for TROY, and is interested in stepping out of their comfort zone for the sake of service.”

Those who would like to get more information before applying can participate in meeting sessions on Feb. 1, 4, 9, and 10. For more information on these sessions, call 334-670-3174.