New SGA president to focus on bringing Trojans together

The recently elected SGA executive council takes office this fall.

The recently elected SGA executive council takes office this fall.

Troy University’s newly elected SGA President Maxwell George plans to bring new initiatives to campus to uphold the meaning of “Trojans, one and all.”

George is currently taking applications for his presidential cabinet, but he will also create a branch that will focus on diversity and inclusion at TROY, a subject that encouraged him to begin his presidential campaign.

“I had great plans and great ideas on how to bring the school together,” George said. “I want to lead us into reuniting and bringing back what TROY is in the sense of what it means to be ‘One TROY.’

“We’re one university in its entirety. We’re a huge group of people with different backgrounds, different cultures, different races, different personalities. When it comes to being a Trojan family, that’s the reason why a lot of us love this place.”

The diversity, equity and inclusion team will be “a group of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures to represent what diversity is at TROY.”

“With this group, I want them to be able to spark ideas and spark movements here at TROY that our entire student body can get behind,” George said.

George has been talking to the University of Alabama’s SGA and Auburn University’s SGA, who both have diversity executives, to bounce off of ideas.

“It has to be something that we’re being intentional about and that we’re putting in that effort because it’s something that matters,” George said. “We’re not checking off a box and moving on to a different topic.

“This is something that’s a bullet point, but there’s also a few dashes under the bullet point that we have to address.”

George especially wants to appeal towards freshmen who have entered the college atmosphere under COVID guidelines.

“I think it’s starting with IMPACT and Welcome Week to reunite and re-spark the joy and love for TROY,” George said.

George also wants to bring healthier food options to TROY’s dining halls to compliment the new recreation center. He says that both can contribute to the mental health of TROY students.

TROY’s newy elected officials also include Executive Vice President Tim Showalter, Vice President of Internal Affairs Keneshia “KJ” Mahan, Vice President of Campus Affairs Myles Camel and Executive Secretary Jason Frye.