All About Fitness, Focus Forward award scholarships to Phenix City students

Joann Jones receives scholarship during recent ceremony in Phenix City.

Joann Jones receives scholarship during recent ceremony in Phenix City.

Two Troy University students at the Phenix City Campus have been awarded scholarships from All About Fitness Family Lakebottom Chapter represented by Coach Dewayne Webb in partnership with Columbus Karate Academy International and The Focus Initiative represented by Jamorrey Gosha.

Joann Jones and Kitiwa Cox recently received the generous scholarships that will cover fees, books and other essential expenses.

Kitiwa Cox, a student at TROY’s Phenix City Campus, received a scholarship from Focus Forward during a recent ceremony.

“The support provided by these organizations, in partnership with Troy University, not only emphasizes their commitment to fostering education but also underscores their belief in the potential of individuals to make a positive impact on society,” said Wanda Etienne, New Student Support Specialist and P.A.S.S./CCAMPIS Coordinator at the Phenix City Campus. “The All About Fitness Family Lakebottom Chapter and The Focus Forward are known for their commitment to community development and education, having a history of supporting their communities. Their scholarship programs are designed to recognize not only academic excellence but also leadership qualities and a strong sense of purpose.”

Jones said she is grateful to receive the scholarship, which she believes will have a major impact on her ability to continue her education.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity that has been bestowed upon me,” Jones said. “This scholarship not only eases my financial burden but also reaffirms my dedication to my studies and my aspirations for the future.”

Gosha said The Focus Initiative places an emphasis on providing scholarship opportunities to help students pursue their goals. 

“We are thrilled to present this scholarship to Kitiwa Cox,” said Gosha, highlighting the importance of investing in the education of young minds and adult learners. “Our organization firmly believes that education is the cornerstone of progress, and by enabling students like Kitiwa Cox to pursue their dreams, we contribute to a brighter future for everyone.”

Etienne said the scholarship award ceremony, which was attended by Jones, Cox and their family, friends, and mentors, was a celebration marking the continuation of their educational journeys.

“It is Troy University’s hope that as the story of Joann Jones and Kitiwa Cox’s scholarship award spreads, it will serve as an inspiring example of how organizations can make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals by investing in education,” she said. “With determination and support, students are empowered to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams, ultimately contributing positively to their communities and the world at large.”