Troy University’s International Arts Center has new civil rights exhibit highlighting “The Three Who Dare”

Troy University’s International Arts Center has a new exhibit that includes a piece of civil rights history allowing visitors to get an up-close look at a moment that led to the start of the Civil Rights Movement.

“The Three Who Dare” is an exhibit in the IAC’s Nall gallery featuring portraits of civil rights legends federal judge Frank Johnson, Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks.

In addition to the art work, the exhibit includes a unique piece of history, the fingerprints from Rosa Parks arrest record.

“Of course the fingerprints from the Rosa Parks arrest which doesn’t come out very often,” says Jaxon. “So its a unique opportunity to come see this amazing piece of history that is usually locked up.

Anyone who would like to visit this exhibit is available to do so until November 15th at The International Center on the Troy University Campus

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