Troy University political science professors reflect on presidential election.

Image of a "vote" sign outside of a election polling cation

A pair of Troy University political science professors weigh in on the results and aftermath of this year’s presidential election.

As Americans await the official final results many people have different options on what this means for the country. 

Political science professor Maryam Stevenson says this election was significant historically based on voter turnout.

“Given that it is 2020 everything was so different this year and obviously with the pandemic and the way in which the elections occurred,” says Stevenson. “The fact that we had record breaking voter turnout and we had record breaking early voting this election has been vastly different from elections in modern history and historically generally.”

Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Steven Taylor says Donald Trump’s apparent loss in the election is another point of historical significance to come from this election.

“It’s a fairly historical election since it is an incumbent president losing to a challenger,” says Taylor.  “That doesn’t happen that all that often.”

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