Tickets for TROY Athletic events still available for students.

Troy University students may not be on campus but they can still pick up tickets for athletic events during the break from classes.

While in-person classes for Troy University ended on November 20th there are TROY football and basketball games happening on campus and is still an opportunity for students to get tickets to those games.

Students can pick up their tickets much like they did throughout the fall semester under the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Shifting schedules due to COVID-19 pushed the final two home games to dates much later than they normally would be in a traditional school year.

“Our last two games were rescheduled due to some complications with COVID this year,” says Executive Associate Athletic Director Kyle George. “With students being off-campus we’ll make sure our ticket office is still open here on campus so if you are in the area you are welcome to come by to the tickets office like you have done so far.”

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