Pied Pipers record performance to share with schools.

Troy University’s Pied Pipers are using a new technique to connect with audiences during a time of social distancing… video.

While the children’s theater troupe normally performs to children in person, COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines makes it hard for audiences to pack out theaters for performances. As a result, the group turned to TROY TrojanVision to help record a performance that will be shared with children via the internet.

The Pied Pipers recorded a performance of the children’s book “Brown Dog, Brown Dog, What Do You See?” in the TrojanVision studio but of course the transition from stage to screen wasn’t without its challenges.

“Obviously theater and dance and especially the Pied Pipers are live forms of performing arts so we’re used to being in the room with our audiences so having it on the screen having it captured on film is a little bit different for us,” says Pied Pipers Director Tori Averett. “Specifically one thing is projecting with a loud voice and having lots of animated energy. Pied Pipers is a really high energy group and so trying to get them to tone it down to be on screen, that’s different.”

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