Troy University’s Study Abroad program makes plans for the future.

Studying abroad has been impossible due to COVID-19 restrictions but Troy University is already making plans to start back next year.

The Study Abroad program held a Study Abroad Fair in the Trojan Center to inform students about the programs plan to resume in 2022.

There are few trips already in the works for spring 2022 and the fair gave students a chance to learn about some of the options already available to them.

The university is excited for students to be able to take advantage of the benefits study abroad can offer.

“There’s so many things that you can get from study abroad,” says TROY professor Amy Gilliot. “It gives you so many opportunities that will look great on a resume. You get exposed to different cultures. You get exposed to different languages. There’s so many benefits that you get for your future outside of just the one particular topic that’s even being covered on that particular trip.”

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