TROY students react to rise in COVID cases

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — According to the Centers for Disease C and Prevention (CDC) there has been a rise in COVID cases all across the nation.

How is this going to affect Troy University students? Do students think COVID will reappear on campus?

“Definitely,” said senior Braden Chalker. “Anywhere that you have a lot of people going together, it doesn’t matter if it’s like a few hundred or tens of thousands, there’s always a chance of some kind of sickness or anything like that. Especially because we’re an international school.”

Some students have already seen COVID’s reappearance.

“I know at least two or three people who have already contracted COVID this semester,” senior Collis Adcock said.

Are students scared of COVID’s return?

“Not really because it’s already been going around.So, I mean if I get sick, I get to miss class,” freshman Hannah Emmerson said.

But what do professionals have to say about the situation?

“We’re actually not seeing as much COVID in the last two weeks as we’ve seen at the beginning of school,” said Jackie Chirico of the Troy University Health Center. “It’s dropped off a little bit, but I mean, it’s still around.”

Chirico suggests washing your hands frequently and avoiding group gatherings if you’re feeling under the weather.

For more information about TROY’s Health Center, click here. To learn more about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website.