TROY couple says ‘we do’ during study abroad trip to Greece

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Some Trojans returned from Spring Break with a tan; one TROY faculty member returned with a ring.

Mathematics lecturer Abby Wright, also known as Abby Carter, and Ken Wright met at a Troy University football fundraiser in 2022. They got engaged in February 2023.

One year later during Spring Break, Abby led a study abroad trip to Italy and Greece. During the last night of their trip, Abby and Ken said “we do” at the Temple of Poseidon.

“The students thought it would be a great idea if I got married on the trip,” Abby said. “I talked to my fiancé about it and he was in.”

The Wrights had help planning and executing their day from a special group of people.

“When the students said they would do everything, I was in. We just kind of winged it,” Abby said. “A lot of us got dressed on the bus that day because we had been on the bus since 8 a.m. and we didn’t get to go back to the hotel, so they made me a makeshift dressing room in the back of the bus.”

As the bus drove closer to the temple, Abby’s students helped her with the final preparations.

“I put my dress on, and we just ran a comb through my hair and they helped me put my makeup on and we went out and did it,” Abby added.

According to Abby, the trip gave the love of her life a closer look into the career she loves.

“I think it gave my husband a chance to see why I love my job so much, the students that I’m always talking about at home. He really enjoyed getting to know them. I think they enjoyed getting to know him as well,” Abby said.

Courtesy of Abby Wright

After keeping the Greece wedding ceremony a secret for over a year, the Wrights say were happy to finally share the moment with Abby’s students and with people who couldn’t be there.

When asked for her best piece of advice for people who are still looking to find love, Abby says to be patient. Sometimes the love of your life comes when you least expect it.