Troy University’s Student Government Association swears in first-ever all-African-American executive board.

When Troy University’s Student Government Association swore in its five new executive board members it was a historic moment as it is the first time all five SGA executive officers have been African-American.

President Maxwell George , Executive Vice President Tim Showalter, Vice President of Internal Affairs Keneshia Mahan, Vice President for Campus Affairs Myles Camel and Executive Secretary Jason Frye were elected to run the SGA for the 2021-2022 school year and sworn in on April 20th.

While there have been African-American SGA executive officers in the past, the first President was Lamar Higgins who passed away a week after the historic election was certified, this is the first time all members of the executive board have been African-American.

“I don’t want the fact that we are an all African-American executive board to get away from the fact that we are highly qualified, we’re all highly motivated and we know the things that we can do and that we’re going to do helping them in every way that they can so that at the end of the day we can look back and we had a successful product and we set the path away for future executive boards to be just like this,” says SGA President Maxwell George.

The historic significance of this election is not lost on the new officers and they are excited about what the group will be able to accomplish.

“I feel like I’m making my ancestors proud,” says VPCA Myles Camel. “We went through years and years of oppression in this country and I’m genuinely excited to be a part of something great and the start of a chain of succession and the start of a chain of something amazing here at TROY.”

“It’s mind-blowing,” says Executive Secretary Jason Frye. “It’s truly mind-blowing because that was the last thing that I expected not because of how voting goes but it’s just that I never really paid attention to it. I didn’t really see it until we were all elected basically and I’m just really ready to get to work in this next upcoming school year.”

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