Troy University Police Department moves to a new location.

The Troy University Police Department has a new home due to its old location’s pending demolition.

The University Police offices have moved to a building at TROY’s University Park location on Park St. right off the main campus.

TROY is preparing to demolish a pair of dormitory buildings in the coming weeks, Gardner and Hamil Halls. In addition to being a dorm, Hamil was the home of the University Police Department which meant they had to make the move.

University Police Chief George Beaudry says the new location should not affect the way officers patrol the campus.

“The day to day the patrol operations won’t change much,” says Beaudry. “You’re still going to see our officers on routine patrols on campus in their vehicles. You are going to see them on foot on campus. They are still responding to all calls for service.”

However the one big change the move will present to faculty, staff and students will take place at the start of the fall semester.

“The major change is that for our decals our students faculty and staff are going to have come visit us over here at 500 Park Street,” says Beaudry. “Come on in and take care of getting their decals and everything over here.”

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