Troy University’s summer IMPACT orientation sessions will see changes this year.

With summer in full swing, that also means that Troy University‘s orientation sessions are about to kick off. but this year things will be a little different for the incoming students visiting their new school.

Instead of the traditional two day sessions that have been offered throughout the history of IMPACT, the orientation for incoming Trojans will be just one day this year.

“So this year we have opted to stick again with a one day format,” says Admissions Counselor Josh Marvin. “I think that we’re still kind of learning about how to reintegrate as a society and so with IMPACT we want to be as cautious as possible in light of the tail end of this pandemic. So we’re really looking for a way to equip our students and have a really awesome time with them and also get as much done as we can do like registering for classes.”

Despite the changes to orientation this year the IMPACT team is making sure that incoming students get the normal Trojan experience this summer.

“I think our IMPACT leaders are vital towards the experience that our freshmen are going to have when they come to IMPACT,” says Marvin. “It’s all about getting them excited about their color team and what TROY has to offer and the awesome clubs they can get involved with and so the IMPACT leaders are super important. This training is super important for equipping them to give those students the best experience they can in a one day format.”

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