Troy University hangs organizational banners at site of new NPHC Plaza.

The fraternities and sororities of Troy University‘s National Panhellenic Council now have a place on campus to call their own.

Banners for each NPHC fraternity and sorority were hung on Wednesday at the site of the future NPHC Plaza.

The decision was made to build the plaza due to the NPHC organizations not having representation on campus.

“If you migrate throughout campus there’s no physical representation of our NPHC groups,” says Assistant Dean of Students Derrick Brewster. “So this is one of our diversity and equity strategies here at the university to make sure that those individuals or those organizations are represented on our campus.”

The plaza will include nine columns with information about each NPHC fraternity and sorority and will serve as a site for the organizations to host events.

“We’re getting close to our ultimate goal of raising a hundred and sixty thousand dollars so our focus is to begin to ground break at the beginning of the fall semester with a completion date of near the homecoming date which is November 13th,” says Brewster. “Hopefully on that date we can actually dedicate the plaza to the NPHC groups and allow them to have and enjoy this outdoor representation of those organizations.”

To donate to the project you can visit this site.

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