Kappa Alpha Psi hosts ‘Shimmy Like a Nupe’

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Theta Phi Chapter of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi recently held its Shimmy like a Nupe event.

D9 organizations are known for their various events and community service outreach programs around campus. These events have been known to bring a lot of excitement to the student body.

“Shimmy like a Nupe normally brings out the most amount of students,” said Theta Phi Chapter president Tralyn Ball. “This previous year we have tried to focus a lot more on seminars, and we had a mental health seminar and a barbershop talk seminar.”

Shimmy like a Nupe is an annual event where Kappa Alpha Psi selects groups of girls to compete in a step competition. The catch? They have to use the fraternity’s traditional choreographed routines.

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“My favorite part of this event has been working with the Nupe and getting to know them and getting to work with them and getting to know other people and just to be on stage,” said student participant Kaitlyn Smith.

During the competition, the girls went head-to-head in a fierce battle to see who was the best and who could really shimmy like a Nupe. Although each team tried its best, the Klassy Kartel came out on top.

“I loved this event and I look forward to seeing other participants in the future,” Smith told TrojanVision.

Next month, Kappa Alpha Psi will hold its Crimson Creme Pageant.

Kappa Alpha Psi is one of nine organizations that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) at Troy University.