Kappa Alpha Psi hosts Spades Night during ‘Kappa Week’

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Members of Kappa Alpha Psi hosted Spades Night at the TROY campus.

The night was full of free food, drinks and maybe just a little bit of cheating. This was one of the first events of the group’s “Kappa Week.”

“We decided to host Spades Night because this is our Kappa week,” Kappa Alpha Psi president Tralyn Ball said. “Everybody loves spades, so why not have spades night? We met with our advisor, Sadaris Williams, and he just suggested that spades night would be a wonderful event for this week.”

“I decided to come here because I like spades,” said Troy University junior Jalen Cunningham. “I just want to knock some people out the table. I really only ran one full game, but I won every game.”

Kappa Week may have kicked off as a fun night for students, but Ball said Spades Night was part of a bigger picture for the organization.

“The purpose of Kappa Week is just to plan fun events and to give back to the community, and the folks on campus, and it’s also to educate people about certain things,” Ball explained. “We did a breast cancer awareness table, and tonight we had a fun event like Spades Night. We also are giving toiletries to the students.”