TROY-STAR Chinese language camp brings students to campus for an immersive learning experience.

Usually Troy University‘s John Robert Lewis Hall is all about business but for two weeks during the summer a group of high school students are not only learning the Chinese language but getting to know the culture as well at the annual TROY-STAR camp.

“This is a new cultural experience for them,” says Camp Coach Sonya Su. “This isn’t something that a lot of students actually get to learn a lot of times. When you learn a language you get to actually learn how to say things, how to write things, you don’t actually get the full cultural experience. With this camp they tried to bring in a lot of different activities to say all right we know you’re learning the language and we love that you’re learning the language but to learn a little bit more about the culture and not just hearing about it.”

For one student, the camp is offering an opportunity to better connect with relatives.

“My mom’s side of the family is Chinese,” says camper Catherine Hinson. “If I can learn a little more Chinese it’ll be really helpful, especially speaking to my grandparents.”

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