TROY-STAR camp teaches high schoolers about Chinese language and culture

A group of high schoolers are spending two weeks immersed in Chinese language and culture as a part of the annual TROY-STAR camp at Troy University.

The goal of the camp is to get the students started on the path of mastering a new language.

“The American society itself is we can say basically a monolingual society,” says TROY-STAR Director Dr. Rui Feng. “A lot of people speak only one language. They speak some other languages here and there but the main language is English. However for America, as a country, to be the world leader and building international relations with other countries we need people that can use the other language which in theory says that with your language I can talk into your heart.”

However the camp is not just about language. The students learn about cultural elements as well which can help them get a better understanding of an international neighbor.

“We have this program basically divided into two major sections,” says Feng. “One is the language learning in classrooms. The other, which is heavier, is actually cultural activities and events. We cultivate an interest in the young kids so hopefully they will keep this interest. Eventually they will get to know both the language and the culture.”

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