Troy Trojan Baseball team holds Kids Camp at Riddle-Pace field

The Troy University baseball team held a camp this week to teach children ages 6 to 12 the fundamentals of baseball.

Children were able to play all the different baseball positions while also being able to interact with TROY baseball players.

The camp may have been advertised as a chance for children to improve on their baseball skills but head coach of the TROY baseball team Skylar Meade says that there are also some skills to be learned that can help outside the field.

“Just listening, adapting, paying attention, retaining information is imperative for life,” says Meade. “I go through it on a daily basis. People that are my bosses go through. We all have to do that whether you’re 3, 6, 36 or 66.”

Even though the camp has been about helping children advance their skills in the game of baseball Meade also says that it’s important for his players to have the opportunity to give back to the community that cheers them on.

“You got to give back first and foremost,” says Meade. “I mean that’s a big part of being a Troy Trojan. I think it’s part of being honestly a college baseball player in this country, especially at places that are so passionate about baseball like Troy. So our guys they’ve been working hard. They get out here in the morning, get it set up and obviously clean it up as well on the back end.”

On top of the baseball players getting the chance to give back to the community, the camp also gave the players a little insight into what their future careers may entail as children were asking the players for autographs they got to feel what it’s like to be an inspiration to others.

“I don’t care if how old you are, getting asked for an autograph has a positive to your ego,” says Meade. “Now don’t let it become egotistical, right, but having a little ego and being a baseball player here is important.”

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