Troy University’s International Arts Center shares some ArtSPARK fun with the Boys and Girls Club.

Wednesday at Troy University‘s International Arts Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Pike County ignited a creative spark by participating in the IAC’s latest community involvement series known as ArtSPARK.

“Today we are hosting an event that’s part of our ArtSPARK series that we’ve just started at the International Arts Center, says IAC Curator Carrie Jaxon. “We have the Boys and Girls Club join us today which is really exciting they’re just a fun group of kids who really enjoy creating this art.”

Jaxon says that a major goal within the ArtSPARK series is to bring the community together to make something fun yet impactful and that’s exactly why there is a deeper meaning behind the series itself.

“For children, it’s very important to have that exposure early on because art facilitates so many different parts of their lives,” says Jaxon. “It’s connected to academics, emotions and it’s just a wonderful resource for them to to be able to do.”

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