Challenger International Soccer Camp offers young players a chance to learn the international side of the sport.

The Challenger International Soccer Camp brought the world of international soccer to the city of Troy.

The week-long camp taught international soccer techniques to campers age 4 to 16.

The camp coaches say lessons reflect the global nature of the sport today and provides a young player with a wide variety of coaching styles practices and influences that will help them develop a well-rounded skill set.

“The goal is to get people excited about the sport of soccer,” says Camp Director Ellie Russell, who is originally from the United Kingdom. “Get them to enjoy it but also have a greater understanding of it.”

For eight-year attendee Kristine Head the camp has provided a better understanding of a sport she has come to love.

“My parents first signed me up just because every parent does that and then I just grew into it,” says Head. “My dad was my coach for a while and then I just kept coming back to the rec center and they kept accepting me. I’ve learned how to communicate better, pass, shoot, control the ball.”

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