Atlanta Braves World Series Trophy makes a stop in Trojan Arena

Visitors to Trojan Arena were treated to a unique opportunity to be in the presence of a historical piece of hardware, the long-awaited return of the World Series trophy to the south, more specifically Braves country.

“I think so many members of Trojan nation, they’re part of Braves country as well too,” says Executive Associate Director of Athletics Kyle George. “You know, I grew up a Braves fan. I know so many of our fans are as well too. We have that strong connection whether it’s with Dansby Swanson’s mom actually being in the Troy University Hall of Fame, being a Troy graduate, but also just having this opportunity to bring people to campus that maybe haven’t gotten the chance to come to university before.”

Being able to claim your team is the best in the world is a generational experience for Braves fans across the south.

This is the first world series title since 1995 for Atlanta, a team that has only won four titles since the start of the organization’s existence in 1871. So for parents it was a great opportunity to share this unique moment with their little ones.

“I mean all the entire south is Braves country and I’ve been watching baseball since I was his age,” says Braves fan Jace Sanders. “It’s just really cool to get to share this experience with him now. Growing up I was a TROY baseball fan and I was Braves baseball fan all the time and it’s just really cool to have both of them in the same place at once.”

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