Teachers learn how to teach the Chinese language at annual TROY-STAR camp.

Learning to teach others a language they have spoken their entire lives is the mission for a group of teachers taking part in Troy University‘s annual TROY-STAR camp.

The group of campers are learning techniques to teach the Chinese language to non-Chinese speakers through a series of workshops throughout the two-week camp.

The teachers have also been partnered with the student campers to practice the theories they have learned.

“We pair up teachers with students and they have conversation practice time,” says Program Manager Austin Deal. “After that they’ll go to a formal class where they formally learn Chinese and second language acquisition principles.”

The teachers come from different parts of the country so TROY-STAR gives them a chance to share their experiences with one another.

“I’m happy to be here because we have a teacher group so we can share our experiences,” says Chinese Language Educator Wenjiang Liu. “We come from different schools, private school, charter school and I came from the public public high school. So we all have different experiences, a different background, so we share our experience and we can learn from each other.”

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