Chinese Culture Club holds first “Tea Talk” event of the fall semester.

Troy University is the college home to students from all over the world and with that international flavor sometimes there is a chance to actually try some international flavors through the Chinese Culture Club’s Tea Talk events.

The Chinese Culture Club’s first Tea Talk of the fall taught Troy students how to make two traditional Chinese dishes, dumplings and ginger beef.

The Associate Director of the Center for International Languages and Cultures Austin Deal wants students to take the recipes they learned to their friends and family.

“I hope that a lot of them are willing now to take the recipes that we gave them and try it out and when they go home for the weekend try to make it for their parents,” says Deal. “You know you’re in college. It’s a good time to learn how to how to do new things, how to cook new things and so I think if even one person uses what they saw today and learn how to successfully make these dishes I think that’s awesome.”

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