Troy University’s Summer Spotlight celebrates the return of Broadway.

The show must go on.

After a year of no camp due to COVID, Troy University‘s Department of Theatre and Dance‘s Summer Spotlight camp has returned to the stage and this year’s camp is focusing on the return of theater to another well-known location, Broadway.

This week children ages 8-13 are learning about theater and stagecraft in a way that allows them to have fun in the process.

“It’s kind of about just letting kids be kids because this time of day they don’t really get to,” says Creative Drama Leader Gracie Grant. “They’ve kind of had a rough year at school and they kind of just get to come with us and have creative movement and get to be kids.”

Throughout the week the kids are working on various elements of putting on a show. It will culminate in production on Friday that will celebrate the return of Broadway plays to the stage.

“Since Broadway’s coming back in September our theme for the week is ‘Back to Broadway,” says Grant. “All of the groups have been performing and practicing their own individual number and on Friday night we’ll have a little showcase for their parents. So each group will get to do the number they’ve been rehearsing all week and then we have a big closing number at the end as well.”

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