Troy University wraps up IMPACT orientation sessions.

Troy University‘s incoming freshmen are all prepared to start school in less than a month as the final IMPACT orientation session finished up on Wednesday afternoon.

Troy University student IMPACT leader worked with incoming students during nine orientations sessions throughout the summer and while the job of the leaders was to teach, some of them say they learned a little themselves.

“I feel like being a leader has really made me humble myself a little bit more,” says IMPACT Leader Abby Hollis. “It’s made me really rely on my team and just really taught me a lot about how to work with others and how important that bond is with each other and I really just believe that IMPACT is just a great way to strengthen your ability to communicate with others and to be intentional with others.”

IMPACT not only gave the leaders a chance to introduce the campus to new students but also gave them a chance to learn more about the future Trojans coming to campus.

“The getting to know you with the students, that’s more of the genuine real side of IMPACT,” says IMPACT Leader Mattie Alexander. “Of course we’re giving them a bunch of information and things that they’ll need to know, but just to see a glimpse of into these students lives, about who they were, that’s probably my favorite part honestly.”

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