Troy University Theatre and Dance’s Summer Spotlight closes out with Performance Intensive camp.

The Troy University Theater and Dance camp Summer Spotlight is coming to an end with high school students from around the region learning all things performance.

“Summer Spotlight is a chance for especially high school age students throughout the region to get the chance to really focus on theater arts,” says Guest Instructor Jesse Galas. “Either it be music or dance or acting classes in a way they might not have the opportunity to do in their high school because of lack of arts funding or just the lack of teachers to be able to give them a place to express themselves.”

Throughout the week students will be learning how to take their performing skills to the next level with new techniques being taught by a variety of teachers and classes.

“This is a chance for students to start to connect the dots between how you communicate with people,” says Galas. “So much about theater is about communication skills being able to make fantastic eye contact and to be open and vulnerable and available and especially in these classes. Since we’ve spent the last year on Zoom it is a chance to move their entire body and reconnect with how the body works and moves and can help them as an actor.”

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