Troy University gives children the chance to create their own comic books through a summer camp

Comic books are a popular pastime for many people. Readers can get wrapped up in the world of superheroes one page at a time and a group of children got the chance to create their own illustrated pages through a weeklong camp.

Troy University is helping nurture the next generation of comic artists through the Summer Spotlight Comicamp.

“It’s working to draw and write their own comic book by the end of the week,” says Camp Counselor Dawson Tidwell. “We have some art people who do art at the university and they’re teaching how to draw this and drawing figures and drawing faces and animals and just whatever they could ask for.”

From cats and dogs to frog wizards and duck detectives there was no shortage of imagination from camp goers.

“It’s an alien invasion of earth but from the perspective of the alien not the human,” says Attendee David Dawson.

Attendees were taught various skills relating to comic art that they integrated into their very own comic books that they will finish by the end of the week.

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