Troy University’s Summer Spotlight introduces new Film Intensive camp

Troy University’s Summer Spotlight camps traditionally teach about the theatrical arts however the camps have added a new element shifting from the stage to the screen.

Doing a table read is just one of the many lessons that the Summer Spotlight’s Film Intensive camp is teaching students.

Students get to learn every step in the filmmaking process from writing scripts to editing footage, all while being able to show off their hard work at the end of the week.

“We’re concepting, writing, creating, producing, editing and ultimately delivering a final product on Saturday of a short film,” Associate Professor of Graphic Design Chris Stagl.

Each one of the students had an impact on the direction of the film, as a whole, which resulted in a combination of mystery as well as comedy.

“So I would say it’s almost like a “Knives Out” meets “Scary Movie” almost,” says Camper Colin Hardin. “We have a lot of elements in it and with a bunch of filmmakers we’re all trying to get our voice in there so I guess it kind of kind of seemed like a hodgepodge of things to me.”

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